Industries we specialise in

Our team’s collective experience brings in a depth of knowledge to create insight driven products for a wide range of sectors.

Mobile & E-commerce
Tap into the booming e-comm industry by creating a unique shopping experience with feature-rich websites and apps that increase revenue.
Transport & logistics
Create an ecosystem to manage even the biggest fleets in real-time from a central dashboard. Solve complex logistical problems and mine insights to save time, money and increase profitability.
Travel & Hospitality
Create community driven functionally rich apps and websites that connect travellers from around the world.
Fitness & Wellness
Pump up your returns by building a fully customised workout and fitness app. Sync with wearable technology, get stats and figures and more to boost customer engagement.
Property Management & Real Estate
Create a clutter-free property management system that will enable you to manage even the biggest and most hectic projects and holdings with ease.
With proven healthcare projects under the belt, we understand the precision and attention to detail it takes. Create better data migration and patient record management systems to increase your brand’s credibility.
Customised Entertainment Apps
Tap into the market of the future with desirable interfaces and never-before experiences that will keep your customers coming back for more.